Basic D3o Sock Hat (Tuque)

Skiers, snowboarders, hockey players, skaters, sledders, snowmobile riders and other outdoor enthusiasts….you need to have a look at the new d3o hat. It does not replace a helmet, but does offer a percentage of the protection and wears like a regular tuque. Your buddies won’t know you totally shook off that punch to the back of the head during a scrum all because of your trusty d3o hat. It is soft when in normal use and becomes rock hard when beaten.


Sells Super4 Contour d3o Pro Flat Gloves

Sells Super4 Contour d3o Pro Flat Glove
Manufacturer Description: Super4 allround latex foam palm with contoured flat palm with anatomic embossing for the ultimate fit. Vented latex body with weatherproof polyester lining. Vented latex Gusset with d3o thumb protection zone. Low profile elasticized gussets for a contoured fit. Also features an internal punching zone made from d3o, a material that moves with your fingers then stiffens upon impact. CLOSURE: Elastic bandage with d3o wrist protection zone. BEST FOR: Advanced training and match play. Imported.

BUY Sells Super4 Contour d3o Pro Flat Glove

What is D3O?

I could go into the molecular make up of D3O, or it’s uses, or talk about how it instantly goes from soft to hard during impact, but I thought this video of Richard Palmer, founder of d3o lab may be able to do a better job: